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Environment Texas
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Don't Frac with Dallas
Dallas Area Residents for Responsible Drilling
BlueDaze Drilling Reform
Westchester Gasette
Fort Worth Can Do
Save the Trinity Aquifer
Argyle - Bartonville Communities Alliance
Corinth Cares
Denton Citizens for Responsible Urban Drilling
North Central Texas Communities Alliance
Flower Mound Citizens Against Urban Drilling
Denton Stakeholders Drilling Advisory Group

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Natural Resources Defense Council - The Earth's best Defense
Sierra Club - Texas
Earthworks - Protecting Communities and the Environment - Environmental Data Collection
Texas Oil and Gas Project
Downwinders at Risk - Reducing toxic air pollution in North Texas
National Alliance for Drilling Reform

Report Violations in the United States

Natural gas drilling, fracturing and production can be the source of numerous environmental impacts that negatively affect human, animal and plant health and safety, cause water, air and soil pollution and otherwise cause injury, illness or death. Most municipalities have their own gas drilling inspection departments to regulate and monitor spills, blowouts, vapor releases, traffic accidents involving frac fluid trucks and other problems that can occur with unwelcome consequences.

Additionally, there are regulatory agencies at the state and federal levels that also have jurisdiction over oil and gas drilling and exploration activites, and to whom accidents and environmentally sensitive events must, by law or regulation, be reported for investigation and remediation. Unfortunately, most state and federal regulatory agencies are underfunded and understaffed making enforcement of laws and regulations difficult, and often leaving problems unreported and uninvestigated.

The general public, therefore, has a duty and obligation to report violations, accidents and other harmful events to the appropriate authorities. A list of agencies of state and federal government serving Texas is shown below. It may also be helpful to contact local or national news media to report such events so that public awareness can be made immediately, especially if an accident or other event results in a serious and impending public threat to health or safety. Media inquiries also often help prompt elected, appointed or hired officials to act more quickly and under more scrutiny to protect the public best interest.

State of Texas

TCEQ Hotline:

TCEQ Website

Texas Railroad Commission
Oil and Gas Safety Division:

Texas Railroad Commission
Pipeline Safety:
512-463- 6788

Texas Railroad Commission Website
Federal Agencies

EPA Region 6 Emergency:

EPA TX Emergency Spill reporting:

EPA Anonymous tips:
Eyes on Drilling

US EPA Website

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