FracDallas - Factual information about hydraulic fracturing and natural gas production

Sponsoring Organizations

Environment Texas
Green Source DFW

Community Organizations

Don't Frac with Dallas
Dallas Area Residents for Responsible Drilling
BlueDaze Drilling Reform
Westchester Gasette
Fort Worth Can Do
Save the Trinity Aquifer
Argyle - Bartonville Communities Alliance
Corinth Cares
Denton Citizens for Responsible Urban Drilling
North Central Texas Communities Alliance
Flower Mound Citizens Against Urban Drilling
Denton Stakeholders Drilling Advisory Group

Support Organizations

Natural Resources Defense Council - The Earth's best Defense
Sierra Club - Texas
Earthworks - Protecting Communities and the Environment - Environmental Data Collection
Texas Oil and Gas Project
Downwinders at Risk - Reducing toxic air pollution in North Texas
Natural Gas Watch
National Alliance for Drilling Reform
About FracDallas

FracDallas was founded in October, 2010, for the purposes of gathering and disseminating factual information about hydraulic fracturing of natural gas wells, to act as a clearinghouse for information needed by local citizens opposing gas well drilling in their neighborhoods and to mobilize a group of concerned citizens who will take an activist stand against unsafe and unproven drilling practices that endanger human, animal and plant life and health, environmental health and real property values.

FracDallas is comprised of many individual citizens, as well as community groups, who share a common interest in preserving the quality of life that we all expect to have through citizen activism to hold public officials accountable for their actions as civic leaders.

FracDallas does not oppose gas well drilling. FracDallas opposes unsafe, untested and unproven gas well drilling in densely populated urban areas, semi-rural areas and around sensitive watershed areas where water, air and soil contamination can have disastrous consequences. FracDallas recognizes the need for clean, domestic energy that is renewable, sustainable and abundant. FracDallas recognizes that fossil fuels are not renewable, sustainable or abundant, and that they have a very limited future due to dwindling reserves and pollution problems they cause.

While FracDallas was founded primarily to serve the citizens of Dallas, Texas, citizens from all over the metroplex, state and nation are welcome to attend meetings, join in discussions, contribute information and otherwise take an active role in the organization. Our best asset is an informed citizenry and our greatest contribution will be education about hydraulic fracturing and natural gas production so that communities and cities can develop sound, safe energy policies that allow strict control over gas well drilling and production in sensitive areas.

Our website will post announcements of local and regional meetings where agendas include discussions about hydraulic fracturing, permit application considerations and community group meetings for planning strategy and educating citizens about the benefits and dangers of natural gas production. See the Action Alerts page for local acticvities in which you can participate. Please contact us to contribute content.

What a neighborhood looks like when things go terribly wrong in Gasland

What a neighborhood looks like when things go terribly wrong in Gasland

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